AIGM Chapter 19

Prev | TOC |Next Chapter 019 – Banquet (Part One) Ruan Tang gradually grasped and mastered the rules of getting along with Austin after carefully spending time together. In fact, he actually felt that Austin was a lunatic that wasn’t so hard to get along with as others’ had imagined. At least, he treats his …

AIGM Chapter 18

Prev | TOC |Next Chapter 018 – Thanks. Austin gave a soft hmm, no longer talking to him about Ruan Tang, and was again talking about the plan between them. Carlos solemnly said at once, “Your Highness, rest assured that everything will be done according to Your Highness’s wishes, and there will never be any …

AIGM Chapter 17

Prev | TOC | Next Chapter 17 – Don’t touch him! Ruan Tang was astonished, not expecting that the legendary duke who did as he pleased, brutal and unforgiving, would actually make such a compromise for him. He had not seen the sun for many days in this dark ducal residence. At this moment, looking …

  1. Wow I do not like his brother! Thank you so much for the chapter, I hope you’re doing well!

  2. Ruan Xi is such garbage. When does Austin tear him limb from limb? 😡 Thanks for your hard work translating!

  3. Thank you for the update ❤️ Tang tang is living his life – LET HIM!! And there better be some…

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